The 2015 photo competition was judged by Bill Bailey, here are the winners!

1st – Katie Amey, South Africa

A beautiful misty morning in Thanda Game Reserve, South Africa. It’s hard to tell whether the day was spooky, or stunning. This photo is one of my favourites from my expedition that shows just how amazing a country South Africa is, and how privileged I was to be staying there.

2nd – Chloe Garwood, Guyana

3rd – Penny Banham, South Africa

Staff Pick – Ruby Chow, South Africa

Two male cheetahs tenderly grooming each other before heading off together on a potential hunt. This was such a special encounter, we had taken a few wrong turns and we ended up stumbling across these two, who graciously let us observe them and their intimate bond. I was so happy I could preserve the moment with my camera and was lucky enough to capture such a symbolic photo of them with their foreheads together – I really feel like it encapsulates the wonder and respect we felt being able to witness such a bond