The 2016 photo competition was judged by Dr Niall McCann, here are the winners and the comments he had for each!


1st – Up Close and Personal, Andrew Snyder

For me, the clear winner was Andrew’s wonderful photograph of a notoriously shy dwarf caiman. Beautifully framed and lit, this image gives the viewer a caiman’s-eye view of the forest floor, and makes you feel as though you are there right next to this incredibly-camouflaged crocodilian.

2nd – Moths in Glasses, Bruno Rodriguez Moller

I love this photo for its uniqueness. Who would think about ‘framing’ (no pun intended) moths in a pair of glasses? It also brings back fond memories of light trapping in Cusuco, where you never know what jewels the light will bring in.

3rd – Simplicity, Katie Amey

It’s not all about the wildlife! Many of the best memories from working with Operation Wallacea come from observing the local children taking time to enjoy the playgrounds that they live in. This beautiful picture, with its glorious backdrop, conveys the sense of adventure inherent in all of us.

Our staff pick was this wonderful long exposure picture of our Welgevonden site in South Africa, taken by James Orr.